Access Your Value in The NFT Based Economy

Quickly and securely tap into the equity of your digital assets for immediate cash needs without forfeiting ownership or future appreciation.

“ The Joker “ NFT Offer a unique digital ownership experience that generate revenue streams for it holders. A collection of 3D Animated Hoodie NFT is now live for public minting! 100 pcs limited editions of both digital and physical hoodie NFT designed and crafted exclusively as our “ Wearable Art “. Mint yours now!

What is NFT Pawn King?

NFT Pawn King is a digital pawnshop serving the short-term collateral lending needs of people who wish to leverage their digital assets (NFTs).

A global pawnshop for the NFT based economy

Powered by XRP Ledger

Performance, reliability, and sustainability focus

The Problem

Compared to traditional bank loans.

  • Slow, invasive, and complicated
  • Large amount of paperwork
  • Little to no flexibility

The Solution

Pawn your NFT.

  • Fast, easy, and secure
  • Minimal paperwork
  • Liquidity

Competitive Advantages

Powered by XRP Ledger for fast speed and low cost transaction fee.
Trusted institutional grade custody and insurance.
Early to market, First of its kind.
Scale to size Quickly & Safely.
No traditional labor cost.
No need for physical storefronts.

Market Size

Market trajectory comparisons of Traditional Bank Loan and Pawn Shop

Bank Loan
Bank loan graph
Pawn shop graph


As we will develop more stuff and grow bigger, here is our planned roadmap.

01Q4 2022


  • Official launch through Twitter
  • Airdrop distribution broadcast
  • Airdrop Phase 1 - Community Airdrop 20%
  • Airdrop Phase 2 - Collaboration Airdrop 20%
  • Airdrop Phase 3 - Holder's Airdrop 20%
  • Launch 250 “Queens Quest” NFTs

250 “Queens Quest” NFTs

  • 250 “Queens Quest” NFTs will Whitelist for early access to the 750 “Pawn King” NFTs
  • Burn a Queens Quest for a 20% discount on “Pawn King” NFTs or hold and use them for attribute discount in the store
  • 1:1 Stackable with the 750 “Pawn King” NFTs
02Q1 2023


  • Launch 750 “Pawn King” NFTs
  • Phase 1 of development - test and live
  • Staking reward for NFTs and token holders live
  • Strategic partnership

750 “Pawn King” NFTs

  • 10% Store Discount
  • Early access to sales
  • 1:1 Stackable with Queens Quest NFTs
03Q2 2023


  • Launch 40 “Kingmaker” NFTs
  • Phase 2 development - NFT Pawnshop

40 “Kingmaker” NFTs

  • 40 NFTs that each carry 1% of the profits from the pawnshop NFT marketplace sales
  • 39 Kingmakers for distribution to a monthly random lottery of NPK-NFT holders and to use with our trusted collaborators - the “KNIGHTED PROJECTS”
  • “Annual Giving” of 1 (one) “Kingmaker” NFTs profit to a community selected recipient
04Q3 2023


  • Phase 3 development - Secondary NFT Marketplace
  • Strategic partnership
  • Press release
05Q4 2023


  • Phase 4 development - test and live
  • DAO governance

NFT Showcase

Here is the sneakpeek of Queen Quest NFTs.


The total supply of the NPK token is 8,000,000,000. The developers have blackholed the token and no new tokens will be issued.

Issuer Address:


NPK Trustline

Scan the QR code or click here

Tokenomics graph


Pawn your NFT

Liquify your NFT assets without selling them.

Pawn NFT graph
Pawn NFT graph

We Buy your NFT

Every sale will add to the rich history of an NFT as it travels throughout the metaverse


We Sell Secondary NFT

While the “primary market” refers to the first sale of an artwork, the “secondary market” encompasses all subsequent resales of the work.

sell NFT graph

Frequently Asked Questions

NFT Pawn King

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